Our corporate governance practices support our core values of agility, passion, and teamwork.

Our practices provide a framework for the proper operation of our company, consistent with our employees’ and shareholders' best interests and the requirements of law.

AvePoint is committed to managing our affairs consistent with the highest principles of business ethics and with the corporate governance requirements of Nasdaq and applicable law. In keeping with these principles:

  • A majority of our board members are independent of AvePoint and its management;
  • All members of our board committees—the Audit Committee, the Compensation Committee, and the Nominating and Governance Committee—are independent of AvePoint and its management;
  • We have a transparent and publicly available Code of Ethics and Business Conduct that outlines AvePoint’s corporate policies to which all employees, officers and directors must certify annually to adhere;
  • We have a corporate compliance training program which requires and monitors trainings given on an annual basis; and
  • The charters of our board committees clearly establish their respective roles and responsibilities.
Corporate Policies Committee Charters Bylaws and Charter